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rift 2.3 empyreal assault patch notes

Published On June 1, 2013 By Kiwi 2.3 Free to Play Preview � 1 30pm PDT Friday, June 7 Update 2.3 Empyreal Assault � 1 30pm PDT Friday, June 14. And apparently when f2p comes out there adding another type of rift in RIFT 2.3 Empyreal Assault - it might just be our biggest update yet Patch notes will be updated, but you can find the highlights of this MASSIVE update  Game Update February / 15 / 2007 GAMEPLAY NOTES - Removed the minimum range from all bought ammo. - Updated camel mount speeds to be equal to horses of the … RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix 7 - 6/26/13 GENERAL Soul Presets are correctly Crafters rejoice-- Empyrean Assault crafting dailies now give appropriate notoriety news-announcements/patch-notes/369466-rift-2-3-hot-fix-7-6-26-na  Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, and now RIFT - free to play is the future of MMOs that aren t World of Warcraft. The next patch for MMO RIFT note The ability hot-key action on press option is in the action bar tab. Now with RIFT 2.3 Empyreal Assault you and you re fellow ascended are facing . Awesome Barbarian 50 Greater Rift Build (Diablo III Patch 2.2). Trion Details RIFT rsquo s 2.3 Patch Empyreal Assault · Go to Link Pop-up View Separately · Trion Details RIFT s 2.3 Patch Empyreal Assault · News ·   With 2.3 due to drop on June 12th the first round of Patch notes are out cool Keep in RIFT is Free-to-Play - Details Notes Windblade 251.7 92 71 68 34 0 0 65 Droped from Death Raid Rift Empyreal Marauder s Girdle 72 48 53 24 0 0 0 Assault Steel Band 62 If you ve been following RIFT, you know their move to the F2P model was a big success for them. Couple that with the recent massive Storm Update 2.3 Empyreal Assault � 1 30pm PDT Friday, June 14.

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